• Can I do an internship in Accra and how do I apply?

Yes! There are a number of internship opportunities available in Accra, both for-credit and non-credit. If you are interested in an internship for-credit, this requires an application. Read more below! (For information on non-credit opportunities, see here).

The NYU Accra Internship Program is an unparalleled opportunity to get out of the classroom and engage in the local Ghanaian community. Learn more about Ghanaian society and culture through placements with agencies addressing important social issues. Interns are placed with organizations working on a variety of issues including: the arts, aging, AIDS, healthcare, micro-finance, and more. You must be flexible, open minded, adaptable, a self-starter and ready for the challenge of new situations. If you are, you will be able to immerse yourself in local culture while gaining real world experience!

The internship program offers a ten-hour a week experience with a required weekly seminar for a total of 4 credits. The required application is due Friday, October 28. Read more about the various opportunities and application process here.

You can also apply to do a non-credit internship- it is the same application noted above (you would indicate “non-credit”) and it is also due October 28.

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