As I mentioned in your “Welcome to NYU Accra” email, I am your NYC based site representative.  This means that you can think of me as your primary contact for any Accra-related questions you may have before you leave for Ghana. I am also in close communication with the site staff in Accra, who will assist you after you arrive.

Our partner office, the NYU Office of Global Services (OGS) will assist you with your immigration-related concerns. So while I cannot help you secure your visa, I can help you navigate all other steps you must take prior to your departure.

To guide you through the essential steps you must take before your semester away, I have created this blog. Each week I will share new posts covering everything from deadlines and course registration to flights, packing tips, and everything in between! Make sure to read all the posts to stay on top of your requirements! And feel free to share this blog with your families!

Congratulations again on your admission to NYU Accra  Spring 2017!

– Jessica Levin, NYU Accra Site Representative (jessica.levin@nyu.edu)


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